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Welcome.  Within the peaceful environment and unity of Bradley School, the commitment to excellence encourages extended learning for all students, engendering mutual respect and responsibility, self esteem and appreciation for the world's diverse inhabitants and cultures. Bradley's reputation for educational excellence has been earned over the years because of the school's consistently clear focus on high academic standards, strong parent/community support, and a held belief that all students need to develop their higher level cognitive abilities. Students participate in a broad-based curriculum where a positive and enriched learning environment is provided for all students. Students are recognized for academic excellence, musical and artistic achievement, physical fitness, citizenship, community service, and perfect attendance.


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Movie Night September 5th! Time to be announced!

Movie Night September 5th! Time to be announced!

Register yourself for School Loop

Parents and Guardians:

I am pleased to inform you that you can now register  yourself with School Loop. Students are automatically registered.

You just need to know your Students ID and their birthday. (if you do not know your students ID, please ask them first, check their report card or bus pass and if you still cannot find it, contact the school and we will assist you)

To register, simply click on the link on the left of the page and follow the instructions.


By registering, you will be given a School Loop account, this will allow us to contact you for important school announcements and let you know when items update on the website. It is a great way "to be in the loop!"

There are many other great features of School Loop and as the school year progresses we will be adding them in. Our main goal right now is to get parents to register and allow us to establish one more way to communicate with them as a school!


Important Reminders

Parents and Guardians- Check out these three important reminders.


1. For the safety of all students, please check in at the front office when coming on campus during the day. If you have to deliver something to your student, drop something off or have just stopped by to check in, it is important to get a visitors pass from the front office.


2. Parking. Please park in designated spots only and not in designated staff parking. Parking by room 18 and the barn is staff parking, as well as the spots in the lot by the kinder playground. We appreciate your help with our limited parking situation


3. Birthday celebrations. Please make sure to check with your teacher before holding a birthday celebration for your student. Remember, that Bradley is a place of learning first and things such as birthday parties are very exciting and can be distracting to the learning process. Birthday celebrations should be short (5 minutes or so) and not involve presents, balloons, party favors, etc.

Back to School Night

Back to School night is September 4th. This is an evening for parents/guardians to meet their students teacher and learn about the class. This evening is for parents only.

Time frame for the evening:

6:30 P.M.- 7:00 P.M.  Classroom Presentation 4th –   6th                                            

7:05 P.M. - 7:25 P.M.  Presentation of Staff-Principals opening message – MPR

7:30 P.M. - 8:00 P.M. Classroom Presentation K – 3rd


Room 18, will not be meeting this evening, due to a commitment made before the teacher was hired. Room18 will hold it's own Back to School Night on September 2@6pm.

Principals Weekly Message

Well, we have finished one week of school and students are getting settled in. As the school year progresses it is important to get in good routines for your students success. Things such as a routine at bedtime, a time to do homework and a routine in the morning can all help out.


Nightime routines such as reading a book, brushing teeth, making lunches and organizing backpacks are all excellent ways to get ready for the next day and to help get ready for bed. Trying to do everything at the last minute or not giving your student a chance to calm down from the days activity can put a damper on going to sleep. Turning off screens about an hour before bed, may also help with a restful nights sleep.


Homework routines are essential. Having a pattern in place for when and where homework should be done is important, especially as you get more into the school year. A quiet spot for some or at the kitchen table for others. While the student is doing homework, other people should be aware and keep distractions to a minimum. Try to get homework done soon after school ends to avoid staying up late at night.


Lastly a morning routine will help you get to school on time. Doing things like making lunches the night before and choosing clothes the night before will leave you more time to just get going in the morning. Try to avoid rushed mornings (all though that may not always be possible). Eating a good breakfast is important and then saving some time to get from the house  to the car is also important. It always takes more time than you think.

As you think about these routines, try to include your student. When students have a say in things it helps them buy into the process and makes things easier on you.


I realize that routines are broken and life isn't always the same, but having some structures in place to fall back on will help you over the school year.

Thanks and Go Bears!

Important Dates

September 1 - No School

September 4 - Picture day

September 4 - Back to school night - schedule to be posted at a later date



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